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About Us
Greenhouse Dans Club Marmaris
About Us

27 years ago the site of the first Greenhouse was situated directly on the yacht harbour right  in the front of its present position.  Visitors in Marmaris in 1988 will remember it well for its great vegetarian cusine and unusual bar entrance hence it’s local nickname ‘the hole in the wall’.

One year later we relocated to the bar’s present position where its tropical garden and truely mediterranean decor set a trend for many bars in future years.  With a car stereo and a couple of speakers our mix of rock and popular music soon drew in a loyal customer following  drawing attraction to the then relatively unknown  ‘kęsayalę’ area of Marmaris which at the time was a quiet undeveloped part of old town Marmaris.  Our success brought others to the street and slowly new and varied bars began opening within the old stone houses.  With the increased music volume local residents began to leave the area and we found ourselves at heads with those remaining .   Mail began to arrive addressed to ‘The Bar Street ‘ and  we encouraged the name changing our own official correspondance accordingly and using the ‘Bar Street ‘ on all our advertising.  After a long struggle the name was accepted even by authorities and we are proud that we were able to help in its instigation in a small way.

As a club constantly in the limelight we find it our duty to renew ourselves and change with the times and needs of our clientelle. We also sponsor local events and are still closely involved in all aspects of Marmaris nightlife.. 

The one thing that has not changed over the years is our attention to service and quality and our love of this business which we intend to share with our customers for many years to come.